Increasing West Nile Virus Infections in Europe

Compared to the 200 reported infections within the EU in 2017, there is a marked increase in West Nile Virus infections in 2018.

By the end of October 2018, 1463 cases had been reported by EU countries (550 cases in Italy, 307 cases in Greece, more than 200 cases each in Romania and Hungary) [1].

The West Nile Virus is an RNA virus and belongs to the flaviviridae. It is one of the most widespread arboviruses and is transmitted by various mosquito species (e.g. genus Culex) to birds, which serve as a reservoir of pathogen, as well as to human and other mammals [2].

The incubation period is approximately 2-15 days and the majority of infections are asymptomatic. In approximately 20% of cases flu-like symptoms like fever, head ache, muscle and joint pain occur. In rare cases a severe disease course can develop with meningitis, encephalitis or paralysis.

To support the diagnosis of West Nile Virus infections, we offer SERION ELISA classic West Nile Virus IgG and IgM tests. These immunoassays have been shown to provide very good diagnostic performance combined with high specificity and low cross reactivity rates.

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