SERION antibodies

Zika Virus

Humanized monoclonal anti-Zika Virus IgM antibody, positive for Zika Virus, manufactured in hybridoma cell culture. Perfectly suited as an alternative to human sera/plasma for the manufacturing of calibrators and controls.

The monoclonal antibodies are offered in two different matrices. The original product line is provided as a cell culture supernatant packaged in 1 mL up to 1 L quantities. The new generation of antibodies is available in an IgG depleted and delipidized human serum matrix with 100 µg up to 25 mg packaging sizes. Production lots are usually offered with a concentration between 100 µg/mL and 150 µg/mL.

Test samples can be offered free of charge.


Anti-Zika Virus IgM
SERION antibodies
Anti-Zika Virus IgM in human matrix
SERION antibodies