SERION Immunologics

Your Partner in Raw Material Sourcing

Based on 40 years of experience and success in infectious disease diagnostics, SERION Immunologics was created in 2013 to focus on the raw material business of Virion\Serion.

The company has a long history in the development and production of specialized antigens for the manufacturing of diagnostic kits and reagents such as CFT, ELISA and bead based assays. At present, Virion\Serion offers one of the largest ELISA portfolios for diagnosis of infectious diseases worldwide, including rare parameters such as Francisella tularensis, Coxiella burnetii and Brucella. SERION Diagnostics is the division responsible for all IVD related activities such as our ELISA kits and CFT reagents. The core of the SERION Immunologics business is the antigen product line. SERION antigens represents the in-house antigen production of Virion\Serion with more than 1.200 m2 of production space and a constantly growing team of more than 25 people dedicated to the development and production of our antigens. The laboratories are certified up to biosafety level 3 (BSL3), thus giving us the necessary flexibility to work with nearly all relevant human and animal pathogens.

In recent years, much effort has been invested in expanding our capabilities for development and production of new recombinant antigens, such as virus-like-particles or tailor-made antigens to fulfill the needs of new diagnostics developments, especially in the field of bead-based assays such as CLIA and multiplexing. Current in-house antigen production processes cover everything from conventional cell culture for virus propagation, cultivation of bacterial pathogens, such as B. pertussis, to advanced recombinant antigen production in E. coli, yeast and insect cells expression systems (Baculovirus and S2 insect cells).

In order to address the needs of IVD manufacturers, SERION plasma and SERION antibodies are additional important parts of SERION Immunologics’ product portfolio. These two product groups allow a quick and customer-specific choice of controls, calibrators and standards. The choice of a variety of bovine serum albumin (BSA) products as part of the product line SERION reagents completes the extensive product selection. Additionally, SERION customized also offers the possibility of special services such as ELISA plate coating and customized antigen development.

Since its inception, SERION Immunologics has created its own network of experts, including academic and industrial partners, to strengthen our business activities. A prominent example for successful networking is the cooperation with our French partner ArkAb, based in Limoges, which led to the introduction of our monoclonal antibody product line SERION antibodies in 2017.

All this makes SERION Immunologics a strong and respected partner in the field of IVD related raw materials and components, proven by an average annual growth rate of more than 15 % each year since it was established in 2013. Our mission is to create value for our customers! Worldwide.