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SERION plasma

Human sera and plasma are essential reagents in serological diagnostic tests. Infectious disease state plasma/sera are used as manufacturing standards or as positive and negative calibrators or controls in most diagnostic test systems. SERION Immunologics offers numerous disease state sera, which are collected following applicable ethical guidelines.

SERION plasma includes a wide range of pathogens and IgG, IgM or IgA antibody positive sera. Selected IgG negative sera (e.g. Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Measles Virus etc.) are also available upon request.

Plasma is collected from single donors within a wide collection network. Based on continuous routine screening capacities, SERION Immunologics ensures constant plasma availability, even of rare disease state sera. 

All plasma materials are obtained from qualified and registered donors by approved blood centers in the U. S. or Europe. All materials are tested and certified to comply with regulatory requirements (e.g. donor traceability through the blood bank, virus testing, etc.). The materials are offered as plasma or converted plasma (serum) depending on the user needs. The conversion of plasma into serum is performed by a well-established conversion process (re-calcification) to optimize stability and performance of the plasma materials.

Since the pathogen specificity for plasma and serum articles is almost identical, only the serum articles are listed in the product finder. Please contact us if you are explicitly interested in plasma articles or further specificities not listed in the product finder.

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1 mL test samples can be offered free of charge at any time, please  let us know .


Features and benefits:

  • Constant availability
  • Broad portfolio
  • Improved stability by plasma conversion
  • Customized screening

For further availabilities of human specimen samples, please also refer to Central BioHub.