High Quality Infectious Disease Antigens for Your Application

SERION antigens

Critical raw materials, such as antigens, are key factors for establishing reproducible and robust immunodiagnostic test systems. SERION Immunologics produces a variety of high-class infectious disease antigens for ELISA, lateral flow diagnostics (LFD) and bead based IVD and non-IVD applications.

Currently, SERION Immunologics has the capacity to produce antigens such as VZV, CMV or Toxoplasma in a multi-gram scale. The antigen production facilities are certified up to biosafety level 3 (BSL3) and are DIN EN ISO 13485 controlled, ensuring highest quality standards. This guarantees that industrial requirements can be fulfilled at any time.

The product portfolio includes antigens isolated from pathogen cultivation (e.g. Measles, Mumps, B. pertussis) (native antigens) or recombinant antigens (e.g. HSV, Parvovirus), altogether covering a range of more than 80 individual antigens that are produced on a routine basis. All antigens are purified using a range of techniques to ensure optimal performance in diagnostic applications. This includes extraction, ultra-centrifugation, filtration and different types of state of the art chromatography processes. Native antigens are known for their high sensitivity in diagnostics applications, especially in IgM detection, and recombinant antigens are well known for their specificity, especially in IgG assays. Our antigens cover a broad range of infectious diseases including viral, bacteria, fungal or parasitic diseases such as toxoplasmosis and are an ideal basis for the development and production of infectious disease kits and reagents.

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Please let us know know if you are interested in 0.25 mg test samples.

Standard package sizes are 1 mg. However, 5 mg and 10 mg portions are just as possible as customer-specific package sizes.


Features and benefits:

  • Proven track record in antigen development and manufacturing
  • DIN EN ISO 13485 quality management system and large scale production capacities
  • Fully licensed manufacturing site for processes up to biosafety level 3 (BSL3)
  • State of the art production equipment and a highly motivated team
  • Full flexibility for customized antigen projects