Microarray development using SERION antigens

A new microarray for the determination of a patient's vaccination status was developed by the InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena.

The microarray enables the detection of antibodies against various infectious agents with a single drop of blood. Virion\Serion has contributed considerably to the development by providing several SERION antigens.

The evaluation of the new microarray was successfully published in the open-access journal “Scientific Reports” (https://doi.org/10.103/s41598-022-10823-7). Further information about the collaboration of the InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena with Virion\Serion and the campus partners Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies (Leibniz-IPHT), fzmb GmbH and the Jena University Hospital Jena (JUH) are available on https://www.infectognostics.de/en/news/impfstatus-corona-masern-diphterie-tetanus.