SERION beads

MagSERION carboxy and MagSERION amine beads

The new product line SERION beads was developed for automated bead assays, e.g. CLIA. We offer two different kinds of functionalized magnetic beads - MagSERION carboxy beads and MagSERION amine beads. Their small size of approximately 3 µm provides a large surface area for biomolecule coupling and their superparamagnetic properties allow fast magnetic separation.


  • Size range: 2.80 µm - 3.20 µm
  • Size distribution: CV <10 %
  • Concentration: Lot specific
  • Long term storage: 2 - 8 °C
  • Shipment: Room temperature


  • Functional surface groups
  • Fast magnetic separation
  • Large surface area
  • Suitable for automation


MagSERION carboxy beads
SERION reagents
MagSERION amine beads
SERION reagents